Ida Nielsen

Instrument: Bass, Keys, Vocals

Genre: Funk

Origin: Denmark

Territories: Worldwide excl. DK

Availability: 2020: APR, MAY, JUL, Oct, Nov

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New album “ 02022020”
to be released by February 2, 2020

02022020 is a palindrome date and the name of the 5th solo album by Danish
bassist extraordinaire Ida Nielsen.
On this album, Ida invites us into a more intimate universe than her previous 4.
You will discover a diverse and more mellow side of Ida´s compositional musicianship, however Ida’s highly recognizable sound still cuts through this stripped down musical setting and makes your head bob (softly).
Ida includes plenty of gems for the bass lovers - smooth bass carried chords &
grooves, aswell as lots of soulful bass solos.

02022020 is a smooth mix of new material and reinventions of some older
songs featuring young and upcoming Austrian music producer & rapper Aljosha as well as members of her band: “the Funkbots.”
The vibe of her new album can be described as overall smooth, laid back and chilled.

About Ida:

Ida Nielsen got her life turned upside down when music legend Prince discovered her in August 2010. Shortly after she joined his band and started touring with him and “The New Power Generation” as well as the 4 piece power house rock band “3rdeyegirl”
Ida was part of his bands from 2010 until his untimely passing in April 2016.
She describes playing with Prince as “a huge gift and as the most magical musical journey ever, and an on-going learning experience beyond all imagination.”
After the years with Prince, Ida started to focus on her solo career.
Ida has been releasing music on a regular basis and has increased her touring schedules tremendously since 2016. Ida and her band “the Funkbots” are delivering a high energy funk show packed with good vibes, tight grooves and subtle references to her former employer and teacher Prince.

02022020 - 2020
Time 2 Stop Worrying (bout the weird stuff) - 2019
turnitup - 2016
Sometimes a girl needs some sugar too‎- 2011
Marmelade (under the synonym Bassida) - 2008

"Ida Nielsen -Funk Goddess"
Bass player magazine

"The result is Turnitup, a 14-track funk joyride with high-spirited vibes and enough bass magic to make low-enders repeatedly hit rewind, while also doubling as a party-anthem playlist for non-musicians. Her old-school funk meets new-school soul style gives a tip of her cap to her departed mentor, who would, without hesitation, give this disc his stamp of approval."
Jon D'Auria, Bassplayer Magazine

"Ida is a mother plucker"

"Her name is Ida and she´ll eat a bass"

"In all my years in the business, meeting and jamming with all the people I know, I NEVER ask for ANYONE'S autograph. But when she reached in her bag to give me her CD after we jammed together, I had a to ask her "sign it for me"...she and I aren't only fellow musicians, shes a fellow lovely soul and she turned me into a male cool, beautiful and down to earth..I LOVE this woman and her CD its so FUNKY..go get it !!!"
John Wesley Payne, The Revolution

Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots

Ida Kristine Nielsen (bass + vocals)
Kuku Agami/Son of Light (rapper)
Patrick Dorcean (drums + electronics)
Mika Vandborg (guitar + vocals)
Phong Le: keys

Date Artist Venue City Country
14 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Ursprung Rostock Germany
15 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Kofferfabrik Fürth Germany
16 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Kofferfabrik Fürth Germany
17 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Kulturzentrum Holästei Glarus Oberurnen Switzerland
17 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Kulturzentrum Holästei Glarus Oberurnen Switzerland
18 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Le Singe Biel Switzerland
20 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen ETM Geneva Switzerland
21 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Bravo Caffe Bologna Italy
22 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Treibhaus Innsbruck Austria
23 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Cafe Central Weinheim Germany
25 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Gretchen Berlin Germany
28 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Scala Ludwigsburg Germany
29 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Bürgerhaus Diagonal Ingoldstadt Germany
30 Apr 2020 Ida Nielsen Op der Schmelz Dudelange Luxembourg
02 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Groene Engel Oslo Netherlands
03 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Theaterstübchen Kassel Germany
05 May 2020 Ida Nielsen New Morning Paris France
06 May 2020 Ida Nielsen De Chapelle Herentals Belgium
07 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Scala Leverkusen Germany
08 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Alte Stadthalle Rottweil Germany
14 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Fasching Stockholm Sweden
15 May 2020 Ida Nielsen Nefertiti Gothenburg Sweden
12 Jun 2020 Ida Nielsen Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues Festival Rio das Ostras Brazil
13 Jun 2020 Ida Nielsen Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues Festival Rio das Ostras Brazil
14 Jun 2020 Ida Nielsen Rio das Ostras Jazz & Blues Festival Rio das Ostras Brazil
26 Jun 2020 Ida Nielsen Rivertone Festival Straubing Germany
17 Jul 2020 Ida Nielsen Open Air Garbsen Germany
30 Jul 2020 Ida Nielsen Stimmenfestival Lörrach Germany
31 Jul 2020 Ida Nielsen Sommerbühne Blautopf Blaubeuren Germany

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