Susana Sawoff

Instrument: Piano, Vocals

Genre: Jazz

Origin: Austria

Territories: Europe

Availability: on request

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Susana Sawoff inhabits a vast and intimate musical universe. Her lyrics focus on the little things in life, on words of love sung with a comforting smile or with an ironical wink in her big eyes. The strength of her songs lies in the elegant reduction uniquely achieved with her classical Jazz Trio. She sings as it were just for you, with a voice that is soothing and warm. Seeing and hearing Susana Sawoff is like meeting an old forgotten friend.

Susana Sawoff is a Singer, Pianist and Composer from Austria who performs very successfully throughout Europe with her acclaimed colleagues Christian Wendt (Bass&Vocals) and Jörg Haberl (Drums&Vocals). Susana Sawoff has been nominated three times for Austria’s biggest Music-Award, the "Amadeus". She has performed amongst others at:  Bix Jazzclub/ Stuttgart, European Jazznights/ Oslo, International Jazzfestival Murszene/ Graz, Opus Jazz Club/ Budapest, Porgy&Bess/ Wien, United Island Festival/ Prag, Jazzkaar Festival/ Estonia, Kaunas Jazz/ Lithuania, JazzGAP/Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Women in Jazz Festival/Halle and at the prestigious "Ö1 Stage" at the "Danube Island Festival". Her Solo Debut Album, Wrapped up in a little Sigh, was sold out and is now in its 3nd Edition. Her Album "Bathtub Rituals" was released on the 12th of June 2015 and is available in CD, VINYL and digital in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

Listening to Susana's Album "Bathtub Rituals" is a bit like a musical Join-The-Dots. Eventually the whole picture emerges- and a rather beautiful picture it is. A unique journey to embark on with one trusted travelling companion, Susana's voice: soothing, warm, engulfing, sometimes melancholic but always by your side. The Songs can be described as a blueprint of Susana's microcosm. Its finely chiselled lyrics put the focus on the little things and act as a very personal looking glass on life. This magnification transforms Susana's microcosm into everyone's macrocosm for the length of the album, possibly a lot longer. Sparsely instrumented with only a classic Jazz-Trio setup (piano, bass, drums) and icelandic Guest Musician Helgi Jonsson, the songs achieve greatness through reduction, simmering down to the core of the story. A rare moment of clarity in this over-informed world. A musical calligraphy, if you will. Join the dots.

"The sun rises when this Lady starts to sing"
D. Hofmeister, Hessischer Rundfunk 2

"These ten intimate works of wonder should find their place in every select CD collection"
Anna-Luisa Rudolph, Weltzeit

"Susana Sawoff combines pleasure with artistry"

Klaus Halama,

"Susana Sawoff has a vital uniqueness"
Ernst Weiss, Concerto

"Bathtub Rituals is a romantic Jazz Album for sensual sophisticates"

Wolfgang Rumpf, Nordwest Radio

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