Robben Ford

blues, jazz
2025: on request

Robben Ford is, without doubt, one of the most exquisite blues musicians of all-time with a resume of collaborations reading like a veritable “who’s who” of musical greats. It is for this very reason he can call upon some of the finest musicians out there to create a band that serves the music so well. That’s also why every album release is greeted with such excitement. Each listen is a musical journey undertaken to discover the wonders of his latest opus.

As a live performer, he is revered, pouring heart and soul into every note that travels from stage to audience. On his latest release “Night In The City”, this master of his craft is presented like never before. Recorded at City Winery, Nashville in 2021, it was Ford’s first performance after the Covid lockdown. Something which only added to the excitement and expectation from both band and crowd. As Robben stated: “It had been so long since playing a significant, live show that expectations were very much heightened. There was an edge that kept us all on our toes and the audience was hungry for a good time. They were very supportive, which was great, because we needed that”.

The superlative musicianship throughout is a joy to behold and something Robben in his role as bandleader was able to reflect on: “The fact that I had such a great band is what made the evening for me. Each musician was the perfect man for the job and that helps a band leader relax. All the guys are top, in demand players”.

With a setlist that covers material old and new, an exceptional evening was captured to be enjoyed by all. You can already dive into it, as the previously unreleased track "Anto'Nate'n'Tate" is available everywhere as you read these lines.

Robben Ford's current album Night in the City has been released on December 1st 2023 on EarMusic.

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1972 - 2001:
The Charles Ford Band - 1972
Discovering the Blues - 1972
Sunrise - 1972
Schizophonic - 1976
The Inside Story - 1979
Words and Music - 1983
Love’s a Heartache - 1983
Robben Ford - 1986
Talk to Your Daughter - 1988
Robben Ford & the Blue Line - 1992
Robben Ford and the Blue Line in San Francisco - 1993
Mystic Mile - 1993
Waiting for a Miracle - 1993
Handful of Blues - 1995
Blues Connotation - 1996
Tiger Walk - 1997
Blues Collection - 1997
The Authorized Bootleg - 1998
Supernatural - 1999
Sunrise - 1999

A Tribute to Paul Butterfield - 2001
Anthology: The Early Years - 2001
Jing Chi - 2001
Jing Chi Live - 2002
Blue Moon - 2002
Keep On Running - 2003
Jing Chi 3D - 2004
City Life - 2006
Truth - 2007
Soul on Ten - 2009
Bringing It Back Home - 2013
A Day in Nashville - 2014
Live at Rockpalast - 2014
Into the Sun - 2015
Purple House - 2018
The Sun Room (Robben Ford & Bill Evans) - 2019
Pure - 2021
Live at Yoshis - 2021
Night In The City - 2023

"Robben Ford is a premier electric guitarist who has combined blues with rock and jazz, adding a touch of R&B, to transcend boundaries." - Vivascene

Line Up:
Robben Ford - git
Organ B3 - TBA
Drums - TBA
Sax or Perc - TBA