Seba Kaapstad

Bass, vocals, keys
Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop
South-Africa, Germany
2024: on request

Seba Kaapstad announced their newest album “Konke” with the lead single "Our People" featuring Quelle Chris. The album also features Grammy Nominated singer Georgia Anne Muldrow as well as critically acclaimed rapper Oddisee. The multi-national neo-soul/jazz group combines South African, Swazi, U.S. and German elements into their new album.

Singers Zoe Modiga and Ndumiso Manana grace the lead vocals over production from Philip Scheibel and band founder Sebastian Schuster. The record builds upon the foundation they laid with 2019's Thina while adding a relaxed musicality that lets the listener ease into the album. The addition of Hiphop vocalists Quelle Chris and Oddisee, as well as soul/funk singer Georgia Anne Muldrow add another dimension of texture to the already diverse album that sits well among the new breed of soul/jazz/hiphop artists like Robert Glasper, Kamall Williams and Terrace Martin. The new Seba Kaapstad album is out now on Mello Music Group.

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"just played an absolute KILLER from South Africa!!"
Gilles Peterson

Standard Setup: 6 piece band

Zoe Modiga - voc
Ndumiso Manana - voc
Christoph Heckeler/ Martin Sörös / Toni Farris - Keys
Sebastian Schuster - Basses
Philip Scheibel - Electronics, Percussion
Linda-Philomène Tsoungui / Daniel Mudrack - Drums

Basic: 4piece band

Zoe Modiga - voc
Ndumiso Manana - voc
Sebastian Schuster - Keys/Synth/Basses
Philip Scheibel - Electronics, Percussion


5 piece band

Zoe Modiga - voc
Ndumiso Manana - voc
Gee Hye Lee - Piano
Sebastian Schuster - Bass
Thomas Wörle - Drums